October 3, 2016

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There’s nothing better than going to the pumpkin patch to get into Fall spirit, especially when “fall” still consists of 80+ degree weather ūüôā we haven’t been to Bates since Seb was under 2, and I think we got our fix for the next three years!

With it already being October, I’m wondering where in the heck 2016 went!? Can’t wait to focus extra on the simple joys that holiday season brings and being extra present with my kiddos. I know these three months will fly and then we will already be in the next year and on our way to having a six, four, and nine year old! Really trying to slow life back down after Ivy’s diagnoses, I miss the simple days of lighting a candle and cooking dinner. Our days now are filled with work, school, doctors, more work, and more appointments. Soon this will be in the past though and I just can’t wait!


Now off to light my favorite fall candle


October 3, 2016

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April 18, 2016

What a whirlwind of a weekend! Stacie and I needed to meet for a huge launch which required a week or two worth of work crammed into a 24 hour period. Talk about fun times!

First we met Cheri for a lunch meeting, these two have been trying to get together for the last year and I’m so glad¬†I could finally make that happen.¬†A great store meets a great designer, and a really fun event comes from it — I love when clients are happy. Lunch was amazing, I always love eating at the Commissary but then a pigeon flew in and I had to leave… I have a huge bird phobia, fun fact for all to laugh at!

Stacie and I went to our room to regroup and plan out the evening, which basically included a ton of back-end web building and setting up calendars. A lot of typing, a lot of talking, an a lot of eating. I think every three hours was a food break. We ate amazing Korean style nachos from Pot Cafe which I am still dreaming about.. rice cakes instead of chips, mouth is currently watering, and drank a whole lot of coffee. Not sure how we even fell asleep that evening!

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

The next morning we planned a meeting around food, again, and had a great basic breakfast. The Line Hotel really is an awesome place to stay and eat. We only left the hotel once for frozen yogurt, which I then learned I have way more anxiety about life than I thought, ha! Police helicopters, police officers, and pigeons apparently turn me into a giant puddle of worry. Glad I live in suburbia and glad The Line has everything you need to not need to leave ūüėČ

This trip was also great to have a weekend to myself, with time to actually care what I was wearing. Honestly, I don’t even get to go to the restroom without Ivy on my lap… she’s obviously been through so much but whew, it was nice to breathe for a day.¬†I used to love picking out outfits and going shopping, but then the last year happened and I have worn leggings as pants more than I’d like to admit. ¬†This month I’ve really come back into my sense of style and enjoyed gathering outfits. For this trip I packed my favorite pair of black jeans, two soft and loose tees, a dress, a new off the shoulder top that I love, a striped sweater, a cross-body bag, a wallet, easy day-to-night sandals, and my trusty Birkenstocks.

I’m already counting down until mine and Anthony’s trip to Portland in June! During crazy times, and parenting or marriage in general, I think it’s really important to get away for a weekend (or week if you can!) so you can recharge your batteries. It’s so easy as a parent¬†and wife¬†to lose yourself and forget what you truly enjoy when you are so busy constantly serving others. For me it’s as simple as sitting in a restaurant for hours on end with my love, drinking a glass of wine and people watching without an urgency to rush home. I also enjoy missing my kids. Sometimes you get so wrapped up in your day-to-day life that you forget that it’s something you’ve looked forward to your whole life.


April 14, 2016

123pizza (3 of 27)

Weeknight meals aren’t my favorite. They used to be, but I was stuck in a rut for a really long time and it’s taken me a lot longer to come out of it than I’d like to admit (god bless the crock-pot). Trader Joe’s is always a place I can rely on for quick and easy meals that don’t taste like freezer burn. The kids love to make pizza, and I love them involved, so it’s a win win.

They came out with frozen pizza crusts last year and it made making the pizzas so easy that I feel really silly for even writing this out for you all!

  1. Lay crusts on floured cookie sheet.
  2. Spread TJ’s sauce on crusts.
  3. Sprinkle cheese.
  4. Add protein (Grey and Ivy are pepperoni fans, Seb is strictly cheese and veggies, but Anthony and I usually add chicken or sausage).
  5. We usually add veggies on our pizza too!
  6. Bake at 425 for 15 minutes.

And that’s it! So easy, right? I love any opportunity to give the kids control in the kitchen. They end up being so proud of what they made that they clear their plate.

123pizza (4 of 27) 123pizza (6 of 27) 123pizza (8 of 27) 123pizza (12 of 27) 123pizza (14 of 27) 123pizza (17 of 27) 123pizza (20 of 27) 123pizza (23 of 27) 123pizza (25 of 27) 123pizza (28 of 27)


April 13, 2016

Ah, Wednesday! I love Wednesdays. Greysen is out of school at 1pm, Seb goes until 2pm, we have soccer in the evening which means take-out (aka a clean kitchen with zero clean-up), and I usually squeeze a meeting somewhere in the morning. Extra bonus is that it’s the middle of the week. Any ways, I wanted to start a new series sharing what I’m loving for the week, every Wednesday. Enjoy!

  1. Currently reading this book and hoping to get back into the zen our house once had.
  2. Attempting this IKEA hack for the kids’ new room, isn’t it amazing what paint can do!?
  3. I stopped praising my kids for a week, and this is what I learned.
  4. 70 degree weather is steady in Southern California, I need this dress for the weekend.
  5. Oh, and pair the dress with these sandals and this hat.
  6. Have you seen Ergo Baby’s new carrier, Adapt? It’s amazing and I wish I had a newborn to try it out with.
  7. I can’t wait to frame Ivy’s bouquet painting by my talented pal, Leah Goren. Her shop’s back open and I want to buy ALL the flower cards to send to my girlfriends.
  8. Sebastian wants a fish for his birthday next month, so I’m getting this aquarium.
  9. Dinner has been nonexistent around here (meaning we have spent triple our eating out budget, simply because I am so tired or busy to cook), but excited to start cooking again starting with this baked ziti.
  10. I never thought I’d be so excited to order a kitchen faucet!

photo source.


March 23, 2016


We are so excited to be making our house a home over the course of this year. Since Ivy’s diagnosis, we really do end up spending way more time at home than prior to our “new normal,” which has created the urge to make it a home where we truly enjoy hanging out in. We are starting with the powder bath downstairs and this is what we have planned! A lot of the items are budget friendly which we love and easy updates such as swapping a vanity, changing the lighting, and super easy peel & stick wallpaper. Can’t wait to share the finished result!

Lighting / Vanity / Wallpaper / Rug / Planters / Paint

Sunday, with Micro Kickboard + Nutcase Helmets.

February 29, 2016


We love Sundays. They are our day to prepare for the week and squeeze in family time! It’s probably the only day I try not to work or use social media. Since Ivy’s diagnosis, I think I can count on one hand the number of Sunday outings we¬†have done together, which is disheartening… but at least we can slowly work our way back up to our weekly routine!

We decided to pack up the kids’ Micro Kickboard scooters on our way to my Mom’s house and scoot to lunch! We have been fans of Micro Kickboard since Greysen was three, which will be five years ago come October… eek. The kids love the fun colors and I love how light they are since I usually end up carrying a scooter at some point on our walks ūüėČ Nutcase Helmets are new to us, but the kids love the easy magnetic clip (hooray for no pinching!) and cool prints.

IMG_8906 IMG_8904 IMG_8907 IMG_8920 IMG_8924 IMG_8947 IMG_8955 IMG_8902 IMG_8898 IMG_8928 IMG_8926 IMG_8935 IMG_8937 IMG_8939 IMG_8932 IMG_8933

We have teamed up with Micro Kickboard¬†and Nutcase Helmets to giveaway one scooter and helmet of your choice, based on your child’s age! All you¬†have¬†to do to enter is comment with which scooter and color you’d like, with your¬†options of the¬†Mini2Go¬†(ages 18mo – 5 yrs), the¬†Micro Mini¬†(ages 3-5), the¬†Micro Maxi¬†(ages 5-12), or the¬†Micro Sprite¬†(ages 8+). Helmet options include Baby Nutty (ages 0-2), Little Nutty (ages 2-6), or Bike/Scooter (ages 7+).¬†Giveaway will close this Friday, March 4th, good luck!

Giveaway is now closed, congrats to Stephanie Roller and thank you all for entering.

Travels : Big Bear

February 28, 2016

big-bear (43 of 42)

Ah, bliss. The kids had a whole week off earlier this month, and because of the vacations we missed out on last year, we were so happy to be able to take them to see snow! They have been asking since Halloween of last year, but the timing was never right. When¬†a friend¬†mentioned¬†that her best friend’s parents would love to have us at their Cabin in Big Bear we jumped on it. This house was insane and we are so grateful that we got to spend a few days up there as a family (and take my Grandma Cookie! Because she has done so much for us in terms of watching the boys for Ivy’s appointments, feeding us, etc).

Since the cabin was so large we had originally planned for¬†the rest of our family to join us as a big THANK YOU for helping get us through Ivy’s Frontline treatment, but my Mom was busy at our house putting our new floors in (thanks Mom, you’re amazing), my Grandpa had meetings he couldn’t miss, Brother had finals, Dad had work, etc. Maybe we will be able to take them back in the summer time, since the house is right on the lake in Boulder Bay.

We only spent three days in Big Bear, three days¬†that were so needed¬†to recharge. The first day was spent sledding in our backyard, nature watching, movies, and ordering pizza. It was perfect. I don’t think Greysen stopped singing, “Best Day of My Life,” and Sebastian was so excited that the cabin had a vintage Little Tikes train to play with. There was also a hot tub on the deck which was perfect after playing in the snow. Ivy hasn’t been able to swim since she was diagnosed and oh my God, the joy on her face was worth everything. I may have to skip hotels for the next couple years and stick to booking AirBnb’s with pools!

The second day we ventured out to the village and took the kids to dig for fossils and crack geodes. After they had their bags full of rocks we went to get candy! I love candy shops, don’t you? We went back to the cabin for more sledding and hot-tubbing while I cooked dinner, something I used to do so frequently and miss. The boys fell asleep watching a movie, my Grandma Cookie (best name and Gma ever!!) was cozied up in her bed with her in-room fireplace and HGTV, and Anthony, Ivy, and I were left with popcorn, The Bachelor, and a fire.

We woke up, made a big breakfast, and the boys wanted one last sled session before it was time to head home. We were so excited to have had the opportunity to get away, but even more excited to come home to new floors!! My Mom is amazing and got a crew together to install them while we were gone since Ivy can’t be around any demo. More on that soon ūüôā this trip really helped bring our sense of adventure back and I’m already dreaming of our next small getaway.

big-bear (4 of 42) big-bear (5 of 42)   big-bear (13 of 42) big-bear (14 of 42) big-bear (15 of 42) big-bear (41 of 42) big-bear (16 of 42) big-bear (18 of 42) big-bear (21 of 42) big-bear (22 of 42) big-bear (23 of 42)  big-bear (24 of 42) big-bear (25 of 42) big-bear (25 of 27) big-bear (26 of 27) big-bear (26 of 42) big-bear (27 of 27) big-bear (27 of 42) big-bear (28 of 27) big-bear (28 of 42) big-bear (29 of 27) big-bear (29 of 42)    big-bear (8 of 42) big-bear (7 of 42)big-bear (34 of 42) big-bear (35 of 42)

big-bear (11 of 27) big-bear (10 of 27) big-bear (19 of 27) big-bear (12 of 27) big-bear (15 of 27)big-bear (24 of 27)


Duchess + Lion’s Spring Collection

February 28, 2016

duchess+lionSRING16 (86 of 130)

I had the opportunity to shoot the¬†Duchess + Lion¬†Spring campaign and really loved how it all turned out. The clothes speak for themselves and our models were just so cute!! It’s been so nice to have a creative outlet and a different focus. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being a Mother first, but over the last few months I have been able to do something I love while still being home with the kids.

The balance and struggle is real, yet¬†something I’m refining and excited to watch grow this year. The kids are getting older, and come fall both Grey and Seb will be in elementary while Ivy will hopefully be in preschool! Crazy. I had thought 2015 was “our year” to finally be out of the tough times and then Childhood Cancer entered our lives, so 2016 will be it! It has to be.

But back to these amazing kid clothes! The owner Stacie is an inspiring woman who I instantly felt a connection to when we met last year at an event days prior to Ivy and I modeling for her other clothing line, AMAE. Again, so lucky to be doing something I love.

duchess+lionSRING16 (16 of 130) duchess+lionSRING16 (28 of 130) duchess+lionSRING16 (36 of 130) duchess+lionSRING16 (38 of 130) duchess+lionSRING16 (58 of 130) duchess+lionSRING16 (94 of 130) duchess+lionSRING16 (95 of 130) duchess+lionSRING16 (100 of 130) duchess+lionSRING16 (97 of 130) duchess+lionSRING16 (101 of 130) duchess+lionSRING16 (102 of 130) duchess+lionSRING16 (104 of 130) duchess+lionSRING16 (105 of 130) duchess+lionSRING16 (106 of 130) duchess+lionSRING16 (107 of 130) duchess+lionSRING16 (108 of 130) duchess+lionSRING16 (114 of 130) duchess+lionSRING16 (118 of 130) duchess+lionSRING16 (125 of 130) duchess+lionSRING16 (131 of 130)



October 28, 2015

This was our day crammed in to one minute. Not pictured- boys having meltdowns that I was leaving to go to the hospital, Ivy screaming going in to her car seat not wanting to go to the hospital, an hour drive in traffic, a call from a mechanic refusing to fix damage that they created, tears, a port access with no blood return, Ivy going limp in my arms from anesthesia, not being able to pick a now sick Sebastian up from school, FaceTime with Grey + Seb, wishing Greysen a happy last day as a six year old, missing my son waking up as a year older tomorrow… But, even so, Ivy received four chemotherapy drugs today and still managed to smile. Life is unfair, constantly reminded how lucky we really are despite what is going on.

“My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”- Exodus 33:14

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